Collection: Choir Cassocks

Choir Cassocks for all Denominations

Choir cassocks prove their classic, timeless elegance by still the prevalent choice for Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran, and Episcopal choirs. Our cassocks do more than give you a distinct distinguished look—with their premium fabrics and secure closures, they also provide you with superior comfort and durability.

    • Secure snap closures on the front
    • Comfortable Velcro neck closures
    • Useful pocket slits for any loose items
    • Bulk savings give you more value for money
    • Options for free shipping and overnight delivery
    • Glorious savings with our lowest-price guarantee

These traditional vestments also include standard pleating, a high-quality matte finish, and a close-fitted waist with an ankle-length hemline. Let our choir cassocks give your choir that glorious visual uniformity at your next worship service.

Express the joy of worship in robes that look good and feel great, and order today!