Great Examples of Show Choir Choreography

Mixing singing with choreography is no easy task for even the most dedicated show choirs... // Photo Source: University of Nebraska-Lincoln If you are a dedicated member of your school’s show choir, then you’ll know that choreography is an essential aspect in creating a sensational musical performance. It’s not enough for you and your peers to just belt out those challenging notes—you also have to move your body in a way that matches your singing. Blending singing with complicated dance moves is not an easy task. For one thing, your lungs are certainly working extra hard to keep up with your breathing while dancing and singing. Not to mention the fact that doing two things at the same time isn't just physically challenging, but it can also be mentally strenuous. And if you’ve seen shows like Glee or movies like Pitch Perfect, then you’d know that those high-energy musical sequences takes hours and hours of rehearsals to get one single routine look and sound perfect from start to finish. Of course, half the fun of being in a show choir is the preparation for the performance and how all members work together to achieve a united goal onstage. Making a routine look effortless for an audience involves teamwork, endurance, patience, and a fierce, can-do attitude that they can channel to their song-and-dance numbers. That being said, here are some great examples of show choir choreography for you to take away as inspiration in your group’s next performance.
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